Online & Telephone Banking Notice

Telephone banking, check images, and statement images will be unavailable on Monday, January 21st from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. We apologize for any inconvenience.


If you feel you have been scammed, and that your account security may be at risk, contact First Columbia Bank and Trust immediately.



Scam Alerts

 Stop Scams stop sign
If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Here are a few real life examples of common scams that are out there. If a phone call, letter, or online contact strikes you as strange, or even a bit unusual, DO NOT proceed with the transaction.Our goal is to help protect our customers, which means helping you stop these scams before they ever happen.

Scammers are rarely caught, and victims are personally liable to reimburse First Columbia Bank when fraudulent checks are returned. Remember, being vigilant and avoiding “too good to be true offers” is one of the best ways to keep scammers away from your personal information and your money.

Did you recieve a suspicious call from a grandchild claiming to be in jail or stranded in a foreign country?

...And now your "grandchild" claims to need money to get home?

Grandparent Scam learn more

Did you WIN THE LOTTERY, but never played the lottery?

…And now have to pay money to collect your winnings?

learn more about Lottery scam

Did you receive a check from a NEW FRIEND online?

…And now your “friend” wants you to cash the check and forward money to another person?

Facebook Friend Scam learn more

Did you meet a NEW LOVE interest online?

…And now your love interest wants you to send money so they can travel to be with you?

Facebook Scam learn more

Were you OVERPAID for an item you sold online?

…And now are being asked to return the amount of the overpayment—or forward someplace else?

Online Sales Scam learn more

Were you contacted by a Tech Support company about a computer virus, but you don't have a contract with that company?

...And now they want you to install and purchase software?

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