The 2016 First Columbia Teen Star Musical Competition

A look back at the 2016 Teen Star Finale

2016 Teen Star winners

From left to right: 3rd Place, Maiah Farley, Freshman, Central Columbia HS; 1st Place Instrumentalist, Seth Barrett, Sophomore, Southern Columbia HS; 1st Place Vocalist, Liz Bodenman, Senior, Central Columbia HS; and 2nd Place, Kaili Hannon, Junior, Benton HS.

The First Columbia Teen Stars

First Columbia Teen Stars

Front Row - Megan Osborne (Central), Hannah Temple (Millville). Back (left to right): Maiah Farley (Central), Stephen Miller (Berwick), Seth Barrett (Southern), Rhys Kauffman (Central), Liz Bodenman (Central), Kaili Hannon (Benton), Hannah Ledezma (Bloomsburg), Kallie Koch (Benton), Sheila Brassard (Southern), Gina Abraczinskas (Central). Check out our Teen Star Facebook page for more great photos.

The Finalists' Performances

Gina Abraczinskas Hannah Ledezma Hannah Temple
Gina Abraczinskas, Senior, Central Columbia High School Hannah Ledezma, Junior, Bloomsburg High School Hannah Temple, Junior, Millville High School
Kaili Hannon Kallie Koch Liz Bodenman
Kaili Hannon, Junior, Benton High School Kallie Koch, Freshman, Benton High School Liz Bodenman, Senior Central Columbia High School
Maiah Farley Megan Osborne Rhys Kauffman
Maiah Farley, Freshman, Central Columbia High School Megan Osborne, Junior, Central Columbia High School Rhys Kauffman, Central Columbia High School
Seth Barrett Sheila Brassard Stephen Miller
Seth Barrett, Sophomore, Southern Columbia High School Sheila Brassard, Sophomore, Southern Columbia High School Stephen Miller, Junior, Berwick School District

How The Finale Played Out

top three vocalists

Anticipation mounts as the top three vocalists are announced.

Maiah Farley image 2 young ladies

Maiah Farley, a freshman from Central Columbia, takes 3rd place. What camaraderie and grace these young ladies show as they await the announcement of the winning vocalist.

Seth Barrett winning

1st Place Instrumentalist, Seth Barrett, from Southern Columbia accepts trophy from President & CEO, Lance Diehl. Seth and Liz pose with their schools' traveling trophies.

  Our Teen Stars

Our Teen Stars won $1,500 each! And, ticket proceeds totaling $4,750 are being donated to the music programs at each of the finalists' schools. Thank you Teen Stars for a terrific afternoon of entertainment. Thank you to all the Teen Star fans in our community who came out to support these students.