ATM Debit Cards

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  • Transactions at First Columbia ATMs are free
  • Use everywhere MasterCard is accepted
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Important Debit Card Fraud Prevention Measures

As an added measure to protect our customers against possible fraud, Vantiv, the company who handles First Columbia’s debit card processing, has begun sending SMS/text alerts and IVR messages to cardholders if they identify any suspicious debit card transactions. These types of alerts will help Vantiv detect and reduce fraudulent debit card activity.  There is no additional cost or charge to customers for this service.  If you receive a message about a suspicious transaction, please call First Columbia Bank at 570.387.7144.

Additional Security when Traveling Abroad

Please note that we may restrict the use of your ATM/Debit Card in certain countries in which debit card fraud is known to take place. If you have plans to travel internationally and intend to use your ATM/Debit Card, please call us at 570.784.1660 before you depart.

Enhance Online Security with MasterCard® SecureCode

One of the great things about shopping online is that you have access to a whole world of shopping possibilities without ever leaving the comfort of your home. When you shop online, you can feel even more comfortable with the added online security of MasterCard® SecureCode™. MasterCard SecureCard

This service is designed to enhance your existing FirstCheck Debit Card. It's a private code that protects you against unauthorized use of your card when you shop online at participating merchants.

Just like using your PIN at the ATM, all you do is enter your private SecureCode™ during checkout at participating online merchants when prompted. Once your identity is confirmed, your purchase is complete! It's that simple. With MasterCard® SecureCode™, only you and the people you designate can make online purchases using your FirstCheck Debit Card at participating online merchants. And of course, your SecureCode™ is completely private, known only to you.

Benefits of MasterCard® SecureCode™

» Added protection against unauthorized use of your card for online purchases.

» Just like your PIN at the ATM, enter your private code when prompted at participating online merchants.

» Once your identity is confirmed, your purchase is complete–it's that easy.

The first time you shop online at a participating online merchant, you'll be asked to choose your own SecureCode™ before completing your transaction. Enrollment is quick and easy, and once you've established your SecureCode™, you can use it for future transactions at other participating online merchants. By using SecureCode™ each time you shop online at participating merchants, you'll be better protected against unauthorized use of your card. Now that's more peace of mind when you're online.

Click here  To Obtain a SecureCode™