Who Will Settle My Affairs When I Am Gone?

Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
young man with old man

Even though death is a certainty, there are ways you can ease the burden for your family and friends in settling your final affairs (i.e. estate administration). As we all know, losing a family member brings unimaginable and unbearable grief for which no one can truly prepare. One of the greatest gifts you can give to your family is a clear listing of your wishes and directives for distributing your property in a Last Will and Testament, as prepared by your legal counsel.

In addition, you must appoint an Executor that you trust and have confidence in to carry out your wishes and directives. You may want to consider naming First Columbia Bank & Trust Co. as your Executor rather than naming an individual family member or friend. This will allow your family and friends the opportunity to grieve and avoid the additional stress and responsibility in settling your final affairs. First Columbia Bank & Trust Co. will provide continuity of services to complete your estate administration. You do not have this assurance when appointing an individual as your Executor, as he or she may predecease you, become incapacitated, or may decline the appointment for other personal reasons.

In appointing First Columbia Bank & Trust Co. as your Executor, you can be assured that your estate will be administered in a timely, professional, and objective manner in accordance with the wishes and directives stated in your Will and the laws of Pennsylvania. We provide all of the necessary professional services to complete your estate administration, which may include income tax, inheritance tax and estate accounting preparation, and asset management (i.e. real estate, personal property, business interests, bank and brokerage accounts, retirement, life insurance etc.).

Feel free to contact a trust officer to discuss how First Columbia Bank & Trust Co. may assist you as Executor of your estate.

In addition to acting as an Executor, we also offer the following services:

  • Trust Administration for different types of trusts including,
    • Charitable Trusts, which include Scholarships
    • Special Needs Trust
    • Revocable Trust
    • Irrevocable Trust
    • Testamentary Trust
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Trust Investment Agency Accounts and Custodial Investment Management1

1Not FDIC Insured – Not Bank Guaranteed – May Lose Value – Not a Bank Deposit – Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency