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We can help you build a better business with smart money management tools to solve your foremost business challenges. With access to a full suite of merchant services, we can customize your business services to meet your specific needs. Plus, with local personalized service, you’ll always know where to turn for help and guidance.  

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Remote Deposit Capture

With First Columbia Bank's  Remote Depo$it, the shortest distance between your business and the bank is—well, no distance at all.

What it is

With just a small tabletop scanner, our software, and your computer, checks are delivered electronically to First Columbia Bank quickly and securely—saving you valuable time.

How it works

Remote Depo$it provides you with the capability to image-capture check payments at your business location and electronically deliver the images and MICR information to First Columbia Bank. over a secure Internet connection. No more trips to the bank, or paying couriers to do the job for you.

Why it makes sense

Remote Depo$it enables you to:

  • Make deposits at your convenience
  • Reduce trips to the bank
  • Reduce fraud
  • Speed up your access to funds
  • Reduce time to research checks and deposits
  • Reduce document loss
  • Consolidate banking location
  • Reduce posting errors 

Merchant Services

First Columbia Bank's Merchant Services can provide your business with the ability to accept all major credit and debit cards—even from your mobile phone or tablet for businesses on the go. Services include check guarantee and conversion to EFT for automatic deposit, making check handling even easier.

Merchant Services offers:

  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • MasterCard® Stored Value and Payroll Cards
  • Point-of-Purchase, Phone/IVR, Web and Self Service Payments
  • Consumer Electronic Bill Presentment
  • Recurring Payments and Payment Plans

Credit and Debit Card Processing provides:

  • Free terminal maintenance and supply programs
  • Full suite of terminal and POS products available, including:
    • Gateways
    • E-commerce, and
    • Wireless-based options

Business Online Banking

Manage your finances online with these convenient features:

  • Access to account information—free of charge
  • View all your business accounts
  • Establish authorized users and levels of access
  • Set up automatic transactions for payroll direct deposit
  • Set up automatic transactions to collect customer payments

Information for Quicken & QuickBooks Users
In conjuction with our new FirstLink Online Banking Center, Quicken and QuickBooks users will need to make changes to their Intuit software configuration on or after November 17, 2014.  Please carefully review the downloaded transactions after completing the migration instructions to ensure no transactions were duplicated or missed on the register. The configuration instructions are provided in the links below. Please choose the instructions that correspond to the software, version, and operating system you use. If you are unsure which instructions to use, please contact our Customer Service Department at 570.784.1660 for assistance.

» QuickBooks for Mac Conversion Instructions
QuickBooks for Mac 2012–2014     
Web Connect

» QuickBooks Online Edition Conversion Instructions
QuickBooks Online Edition (QBO V78)

» QuickBooks for Windows Conversion Instructions
QuickBooks Windows 2012-2015
Web Connect

» Quicken Essentials for Mac Conversion Instructions
Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010
Web Connect

» Quicken for Windows Conversion Instructions
Quicken for Windows 2012–2015
Web Connect

» Quicken Essentials for Mac Conversion Instructions
Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010
Express Web Connect

» Quicken for Mac Conversion Instructions
Quicken for Mac 2006-2007
Web Connect

Additional Quicken & Quickbooks Resources

»  Quicken Support Quicken Support click here
»  QuickBooks Support QuickBooks Support click here
»  Instructions to fix duplicate downloads of transactions in Quicken Fixing duplicate downloads click here


» Information about downloading bank transactions directly into QuickBooks

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