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Our Customer Service Representatives are here to help you set up your new account and to simplify the process.  

  1. Make an appointment or stop by one of our full service branch locations to open your new account. Please note, we do not currently offer online account opening. 

    Schedule an Appointment

  2. Choose an account We offer our popular BaZing Checking Accounts with money saving discounts and personal protection benefits.

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  3. Expedite account opening To expedite account opening, please consider completing the All About You form ahead of time. This form is included in the downloadable Transition Guide below.

  4. Bring documentation Be sure to bring the appropriate personal identification with you, such as a valid driver's license. See the transition guide for a full list of acceptable forms of identification. 

For the best experience, consider the following:


Sign up for Online Banking

  • Once your account is open, sign-up for Online Banking for 24/7 access to your account.
  • After enrolling, you can download our FREE Mobile App and take your banking on the go. (Standard phone and data rates may apply.)

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Set up direct deposit to your new account

  • You may elect to have your paycheck or recurring payments deposited electronically. To help you manage multiple forms of income, we provide the Direct Deposit Organizer form in the downloadable Transition Guide below.
  • If your employer or source of income doesn't require a specific form, complete and submit the Direct Deposit Request form to them to set up your direct deposit. For Social Security direct deposit, call the Social Security Administration at 1.800.772.1213 or go to

Switch your automatic payments

  • You can use the Automatic Payment Organizer form in the Transition Guide to track automatic payments associated with your old account. This will help you to remember all your payments.
  • Complete the Automatic Payment Request form to switch payments to your First Columbia checking account. Some companies may have their own forms for you to use.

Track your transfer

  • Over the next month or more, monitor your new and old accounts to ensure all direct deposits and automatic payments transfer successfully to your First Columbia account.

Close your old account

  • When all services successfully transfer to your new account and all your checks clear, you are ready to close your old bank account using the other bank's designated form. The transfer process is now complete.

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