friendly dinosaur

The Bankasaurus Bunch

Saving for the littlest bankers in your life.

The Bankasaurus Bunch is a rewarding savings program for children ages twelve and under that helps to teach them the importance of saving. Our program offers incentives and prizes to help your kids establish and reach their goals. Our mascot, Boris the Bankasaurus, is a huggable friend to all of our young savers and you’re likely to see him making special appearances all across our communities!


Open an account for your child today.

The Bankasaurus Bunch is a great way to teach your child the value of saving and the fundamentals of banking while helping them grow their money. Open an account at any of our locations today.

The Bankasurus Bunch Program makes saving fun with some pretty cool member benefits:
  • For kids up to 12 years of age
  • NO minimum deposit
  • NO minimum balance
  • NO monthly fee
  • Earn interest
  • FREE official Boris t-shirt
  • Special Savings Card to have stamped each time a deposit is made-and a cool prize when it is filled!



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