LifeStage Strategies for Families on the Go 

Manage Family Financial Responsibilities

Having a family presents a host of new expenses and financial responsibilities. Some decisions you make will impact your family now and others will help them achieve their future goals. Don't let the demands and pressures of family life overwhelm you. Let First Columbia Bank's team of experts help you stay on track for every short- and long-term goal you have for your family. 

  • Ensure your mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance, represents a manageable percent of your income
  • Review the cost of your healthcare and others insurances to determine if you're getting coverage at the best price
  • Keep your finances in check by deciding what you "need" compared to what you "want"
  • Stop and think before making impulse buys, especially for large purchases like vehicles, appliances, technology, and furniture
Family on the Go

Plan for You Family's Future

Determine what you need to achieve your goals and stay on budget.

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