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1/15/21 Update for Business Customers: New Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan funding is now available. Learn more.

2/16/21 Branch Lobby Status Update: All our drive-thru locations are currently open; however, our branch lobbies are closed due to COVID-19. We expect to reopen lobbies on Monday, March 1, 2021. Additional information here.

Free ATM Locations

ATM Access for FREE. That's for ME!

We bring you Fee Free ATM access at over 55,000 locations worldwide–in your town, where you shop and when you travel. It's one of the many ways First Columbia is working to make banking better for our customers.

Find over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs worldwide at many of your favorite retailers including: Target, CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Safeway, Costco, and so many more.

Customers can use any ATM conveniently located inside Sheetz stores throughout PA and the Mid-Atlantic region. Find a Sheetz near you.

Customers have free access to First Columbia ATMs located throughout our area. Find locations here.

  • Customers of First Columbia Bank (FCBT) will not incur surcharge or foreign ATM fees at Allpoint, Sheetz or FCBT ATMs. Overdraft/returned item fees may apply.
  • Look for the Allpoint logo to ensure your transaction will be surcharge-free. Not every retail location has a surcharge-free ATM inside. The ATM may display a surcharge screen. Accept the surcharge and proceed with your withdrawal. You will not be charged the surcharge fee.

Your Questions Answered

Q: How can First Columbia Bank Customers make fee-free withdrawals at ATMs?
First Columbia Bank customers can use their First Columbia debit or ATM cards to withdraw money from First Columbia Bank deposit accounts at any of First Columbia Bank’s ATMs, Allpoint’s 55,000+ ATMs, or ATMs found in Sheetz stores.

Q: What is Allpoint?
Allpoint is a network of ATMs with over 55,000 locations throughout the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, and Australia. Because First Columbia Bank is a member of the Allpoint network, the banks that own these ATMs will not charge our customers a surcharge when they withdraw money. In addition, First Columbia Bank will not charge a foreign ATM fee for withdrawals at these ATMs. This means withdrawals at any Allpoint ATM are completely fee-free.

Q: Where can customers find Allpoint ATMs?
You can find Allpoint ATMs in 55,000+ retail locations around the world, including over 40,000 in the United States at retail locations such as CVS, Target, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. Not all retail locations participate in every market.

Q: How can I find participating Allpoint ATMs?
There are a few ways to locate participating Allpoint ATMs.
- Use the locator function available here on our website or at
- Look for the Allpoint logo on the ATM. Some ATMs may look like they are operated by another bank or credit union; however, all ATMs listed on the Allpoint locator are part of the Allpoint Network and are fee-free for First Columbia Bank cardholders.

Q: The surcharge screen appeared when I attempted a transaction. Will I get charged a fee?
No. The surcharge screen is there to notify customers of other financial institutions who are not participating in the Allpoint Network. Just press “Yes” to accept the fee, and continue with your transaction. First Columbia Bank cardholders will not be charged to use an Allpoint Network ATM.

Q: Are all ATMs found in Sheetz stores “fee-free” for First Columbia Bank cardholders?
Yes. The ATMs found in any Sheetz store in the United States do not charge a fee to First Columbia Bank cardholders.  In addition, First Columbia Bank will not charge a foreign ATM fee for withdrawals at these ATMs.  ATMs found in Sheetz stores are completely fee-free. See the Sheetz website to locate a Sheetz store.

Q: I used a location on the Allpoint locator or at a Sheetz store, but was still assessed a surcharge.  Can I be reimbursed?
This should not occur, but if it does please contact Customer Support at 570-784-1660.

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