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First Columbia Bank & Trust Co. Staff Announcements

August 2, 2022 CCFNB Bancorp Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2022 Earnings

First Columbia Teen Start Donates to Local Schools

o  First Columbia Teen Star Returns Live

o  April 19, 2022 CCFNB Bancorp Inc Reports First Quarter 2022 Earnings

o  First Columbia Teen Star 2022 Announcement

o January 25, 2022 CCFNB Bancorp Inc Reports Fourth Quarter 2021 Earnings

o  Recent Officer Promotions First Columbia Bank Trust Co

October 26, 2021 CCFNB Bancorp Inc. Reports Third Quarter 2021 Earnings

August 3, 2021 CCFNB Bancorp Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2021 Earnings

Special One Time Cash Dividend

o   May 11, 2021 CCFNB Bancorp Inc Reports First Quarter 2021 Earnings  

o   January 26, 2021 CCFNB Bancorp Inc Reports Fourth Quarter 2020 Earnings