Trust Services


Planning for the Future

Have you thought about who will carry out your financial or estate planning directives such as:

  • Who will handle your final affairs and follow the instructions in your Last Will and Testament?
  • If you are establishing a Trust, who will manage it for you?
  • If you are unable to take care of your personal finances due to advancing age or illness, who will assist you?

We can help relieve your loved ones of these unfamiliar and burdensome responsibilities.

Our Services

Estate Services

Do you feel it is important to have a local and impartial Executor handle your estate?
We can help.

You may choose to appoint First Columbia as the Executor of your Will rather than naming an individual. This can help alleviate some of your family's emotional stress and the responsibility of settling your final affairs, which can be complex and time consuming.

Duties of an Executor may include property valuation, inventory, required legal notices, filing of all income tax returns, inheritance and estate tax returns, accountings, and distributions. Our Trust Services Team guarantees personalized and professional attention as they carry out the directives of your Will.

A word about fees: We abide by the fee schedule that represents reasonable compensation for individuals and institutions serving as an Executor. This means our fees are no greater than what an individual Executor would be entitled to receive.


Family 2Sometimes, when adult children live out of state, a Corporate Executor makes the most sense.


Trust Services

Do you wish to preserve and protect your assets for your children, grandchildren, or
an elderly or disabled loved one?
We can help.

Trust documents are created for many reasons and are prepared by your attorney. You may establish a trust to preserve assets for family members and provide for their future financial needs. A Trust may be established to care for yourself should you become incapacitated or for a loved one that is elderly or disabled. Trusts are also used to provide income to charities or to create scholarships.

You may choose First Columbia as a Trustee to oversee and manage the necessary tax, accounting and investment management services. Your directives will be carried out in the most timely, professional, and objective manner.


Mother and childEnsuring long-term care for a disabled family member can be addressed with a Special Needs Trust.


Power of Attorney

Have you considered who would handle your financial affairs
should you become incapacitated?
We can help.


Trust Investment Account Services

Do you need help and expertise in managing your current assets and investments?*
We can help.


Our Trust Officer

Professional guidance. Peace of mind.

Call or come in and talk with a Sheri, who is a knowledgeable and experienced Trust Officer at First Columbia Bank. She will show you how our services can bring peace of mind to you and your family, as you plan for the future.

Sheri Grozier

Sheri Grozier

Vice President, Director of Trust Services





Why Choose a Corporate Trustee?

  • We are specially trained and qualified to manage your financial affairs
  • We have integrity and provide sound judgment
  • We are impartial and unbiased
  • We are local, reliable and accessible
  • We maintain confidentiality
  • We are subject to internal audits and regulatory oversight by state or federal officials
  • We offer permanence in fiduciary services as an institution

Common Questions About Trusts

1. What is a Trust? A Trust is a legal document that explains how you want your assets managed while you are alive and then distributed to your beneficiaries after you are gone.

2. How is a Trust established? Your attorney prepares your Trust document in which you may choose to name First Columbia Bank& Trust Co. as the Trustee. In this role, we oversee and manage the Trust according to the directives set forth in the Trust document.

3. Are Trusts only for the wealthy? No. There may be many reasons a Trust is needed, for example, providing financial security for your minor children, a child with special needs, or blended family members. Your attorney can help determine if a Trust is right for you.

Father and son

Family resting

Additional Services

Scholarship Administration

Our Trust Department administers scholarship programs created through individual Trusts and Wills. Current scholarships available include:

  • The William & Dora Kalnoski Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The M. Catherine Murphy Scholarship Fund
  • The Clair Kinney Scholarship Fund

For these scholarships, we provide applications to the guidance offices of qualifying school districts for distribution to interested students on an annual basis. Students should visit their guidance office to inquire about locally available scholarships.

Corporate Trust Services

The Trust Department serves as Paying Agent or Trustee for various tax-exempt bond issues.

Speaking Engagements

We offer speakers to local groups and organizations to educate our community on the estate, trust, POA, and investment management services we provide.