Notice of Limited Branch Operations

In response to increasing COVID-19 cases in our area, we will be temporarily closing lobby service at all branch locations beginning Tuesday, November 24th. Our drive-thru service will remain open during normal banking hours to serve your banking needs. Our Orangeville and Walmart locations will be closed during this time. Learn more here.

Online Banking Secure Code

First Columbia Bank and Trust’s online banking system contains a strong login safeguard in the form of a phone call or text to retrieve a one-time secure code.     SecureCode logoSecure Code FAQ learn more

What is a Secure Code?

This feature ensures that you are the person actually accessing your accounts online by contacting you at a number on file with the bank whenever your computer, tablet, or phone is not recognized.  Any attempt to access your accounts from an unknown device triggers the security process. This secure code feature is state-of-the-art for online banking protection because no one can obtain your login information by capturing your keystrokes.  The banking term for this security is “out-of-band authentication,” and it is the strongest in the industry.

When is a Secure Code Required?

Once you have identified yourself and your device by providing the secure code from a call or text, online banking will only ask you to repeat the process when it does not recognize your device. Below are examples of situations that may require you to receive the secure code again.

  • Clearing your cache or cookies on your computer
  • Having your browser set to clear cookies upon exit
  • Changing the browser you use to access the Internet
  • Using a browser that is not supported by the online banking software
  • Changing devices (i.e. laptop to tablet to phone)
  • Your PC getting infected by a virus or malware
  • Changing Internet service providers
  • Resetting your wireless router
  • Using your tablet or phone in a different location (using a different wireless signal to access the Internet)
  • Using an automatic update feature to download online transactions into financial software

If you find that you are repeatedly required to obtain a secure code, it may be caused by certain browser settings. Please click here for recommended setting changes that may resolve the issue. 

While we realize that having to repeat the verification process can be inconvenient at times, we hope you understand that your security is our number one priority.

For more information about the "out of band authentication" process, please review answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).