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First Columbia Bank & Trust provides responsive, reliable and personalized Executor, Trustee, Financial POA and Investment Agency services. As you plan for your financial future – and the financial future of your family – our experienced team will be with you...every step of the way.

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Have you thought about who will carry out your financial or estate planning directives?

• Who will handle your final affairs and follow the instructions in your Last Will and Testament?
• If you are establishing a Trust, who will manage it for you?
• If you are unable to take care of your personal finances due to advancing age or illness, who will assist you?

If you are looking to relieve your family and friends of these unfamiliar and burdensome responsibilities, we can help.

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Your Trust Officer

Kevin Troutman
Vice President, Trust Officer
[email protected]

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Why Trust Us?

First Columbia Bank & Trust is local, reliable, and accessible for all of your personal Trust service needs.

  • We're specially trained and qualified to manage financial affairs of varying capacities
  • We have the integrity to provide sound impartial and unbiased judgment
  • We maintain confidentiality
  • We're subject to internal audits and regulatory oversight by state or federal officials
  • We offer permanence in fiduciary services as an institution

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