Important Message For Our Customers


Business As Usual–Serving Our Customers & Our Community

To our customers,

In the current economic climate, and given recent national news of bank closures, I want you to know it’s business as usual here at First Columbia Bank. Our bank remains healthy and financially sound, with a strong capital position. You should have confidence knowing your money is safe with our bank. With these kind of events, you might naturally ask yourself “Why do I bank where I do?” and “Is my money safe?” Let’s reflect on those two basic but important questions as they relate to our bank and your relationship with us.

Why First Columbia Bank?

• We’re a community bank. When you bank with us, the majority of your money stays here and is reinvested in your community in the form of home mortgages and business loans. Banking locally helps strengthen our local economy and makes our area a better place to live, work, and grow for all. So, where you bank does matter— and does make a difference.

• We’re locally managed. This means lending decisions are made right here. We know our customers and take the time to understand their goals and financial situations. Our relationship-based business model centers on the community, and our loan portfolio is a healthy mix of local businesses and retail customers, with no exposure to any one industry.

 • We have historic stability. We have been serving the banking needs of local individuals, families, and businesses for generations—nearly 125 years. We’ve adapted, evolved, and improved as the banking industry and customer needs have changed. What hasn’t changed though, is our steadfast commitment to serving our local community. We’re confident that we are well-positioned for the future and look forward to being there with you on your financial journey ahead.

Is my money safe?

Yes. As an FDIC-insured bank, deposits are automatically insured up to at least $250,000. Please know, we are always here to help you understand FDIC coverage and provide additional information. Our capacity to preserve and protect your funds is, and remains, strong. Our bank is especially well-capitalized, in addition to having ample, available liquidity. These conditions ensure that your accounts and funds remain protected.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.

Lance O. Diehl
President & CEO
First Columbia Bank & Trust Co.

lance in front of bank
"Our bank remains healthy and financially sound, with a strong capital position."

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