LifeStage Strategies for Pre-Retirees 

Start Planning for Life After Retirement

In your 50's and 60's, you'll begins considering what life after retirement will look like for you,...the cost of living expenses, and how much your assets will be worth when you hit retirement. We're here to help you plan for this next phase of life. 

  • In your 50's, take stock of the asset allocation of your portfolio and evaluate your position. Depending on your retirement plans, you may want to increase your contributions now. 
  • In your 60's, fine-tune your projections and your asset allocations. Before you retire, check to make sure your medical insurance coverage will last until you're eligible for Medicare. 
  • Take opportunities to reduce your lifestyle costs, like downsizing vehicles or your home
  • Determine your financial priorities and make a list with deadlines
  • Start the decision-making process regarding where you'll live during retirement and the associated costs

Determine what you need to achieve your goals and stay on budget.

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