The First Columbia Teen Star Musical Competition

Teen Star 2019 - Olivia Zeisloft, Junior, Central Columbia High School!

The Top 4!

  • Olivia Zeisloft, Junior from Central Columbia High School - First Place
  • Sarah Esslinger, Senior from Central Columbia High School - Second Place
  • Rose Ostrowski, Freshman from Columbia Montour Area Vo-Tech - Third Place
  • Mikaela Brouse, Junior, from Southern Columbia High School - Fourth Place

The 2019 First Columbia Teen Star Finalists!

  1.  Taylor Woodeshick Berwick
  2.   Madeline Charles Millville
  3.   Mikaela Brouse Southern
  4.   Emaley Bacher Bloomsburg
  5.   Kiersten Brecht Southern
  6.   Olivia Zeisloft Central
  7.   Emily Lockard Benton
  8.   Zachary Honabach Southern
  9.   Rose Ostrowski VoTech
  10. Emma Kelchner Central
  11. Sarah Esslinger Central
  12. Dylan Kramer - Southern

Teen Star Prizes

Finalists compete for prize money for themselves and their school's music programs!

  • 1st place wins $2,000
  • 2nd place wins $1,000
  • 3rd place wins $750
  • 4th place wins $350
  • All other finalists receive $100

All ticket proceeds are donated to the music departments at the finalists' home high schools. To-date, First Columbia has donated more than $45,000 to support our schools' music programs. 

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